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Welcome to our family run Business; Glastonbury DogWalkers – for all your dog walking and pet care needs in Glastonbury and surrounding area.

Business Partners; Cath and Tracy invite you to contact us for a chat about what you are looking for, we will meet with you and put together a package that suits all your needs.

We have loved and owned; dogs, cats and an assortment of small pets our entire lives (nearly 80 years combined) and have been informally looking after other peoples pets for almost as long. As business partners we are able to offer you a consistent and reliable service throughout the year whatever the weather! We prefer to take bookings and calls on our business landline phone (01458 898083), using our mobiles for emergencies only, thus allowing your pet/s to have our undivided attention when we are with them.

We understand the importance of every individual animal to its owner and the need for a professional yet local and friendly back-up plan for those times you cannot be there to walk your dogs or care for your pets.

We have full insurance for every aspect of our work and we each have an up-to-date CRB Disclosure Police check and can also transport your pet to their vet or anywhere else considered necessary, thus offering you peace of mind when we are looking after your loved ones. We will ALWAYS clean up after your dog (as required) and always ensure they are safe and happy.

We are a confidential service that promises to do as you ask, but use common sense based on our own experience and love of animals. We will not discuss your requests or business with anyone else, because we recognise the importance of your privacy within such a service, we do not have vans or uniforms that advertise to all that you are not home.

We offer competitive and fair rates for our services, enabling you to pay only for what you need us to do. We can offer concessions for regular bookings or depending on your circumstances, thus giving every customer a specifically tailored package of care for all their pets needs.

Most importantly we will look after your pets as if they are our own; We understand animal psychology from an owner’s perspective and will never hit or intentionally harm your pet for any reason, if this is how you would normally deal with your pet, this is not the service for you. We are animal lovers who will always put the welfare of your pets first, we make no excuses for that.

Visiting Glastonbury?

Are you on holiday or staying in Glastonbury with your dog?

Do you need temporary Dog care while you visit the local attractions and shops? Need someone to sit with your dog in your caravan, Tent or holiday accommodation?

For more details of our new and unique holiday service please check out Visiting Glastonbury?

Dog Walking

We can walk your dog or puppy anywhere you want (during daylight hours), on its own, with other dogs (up to four per walker) for a sociable treat or on its own favourite route, on or off lead, as you desire (providing you are confident they will come when called.) We will always keep them on a leash when we are near or on a road, or if close to livestock.
Your dog will probably prefer to go somewhere it knows to start with as it gets to know us, but after that you can choose. Obviously we would need to charge for petrol if going out of the area (40p per mile) but sometimes it’s nice for them to go somewhere different, like the woods or a dog friendly beach.

We can also organise Puppy Socialisation with other good natured dogs and our children (under close supervision) have offered to help your pup become become child-friendly too (if you need this) they are well experienced in this department thanks to our one year old rescue pup – who has taught them all they need to know!

As well as occasional walks, we can offer cheaper rates for regular bookings (at least four consecutive dates), if you know you will need one or more walks per week; book it in advance and we will walk your dog on the day you specify (with 24 hrs notice) for that week, in other words it doesn’t have to be the same day each week. This is ideal for busy families who often don’t know that far in advance!

Pet Care Services

Dog Walking is our main business, we also offer other Pet Care services:

Pet Visiting; We can pop-in and check on your pets (Mammals, Birds or Fish), feed them, fuss them, we can also exercise your dog in its own garden if you prefer (throwing ball etc.. for example; unsociable or elderly dogs, puppies or bitches in season.)  or whatever you might need for the time and frequency you specify, we can even notify you of our visits if you wish, by text or phone.

Pet Sitting; could involve all of the above but for longer. This would normally be for when your are away for longer periods of time during the day. And for short breaks away; can offer a different solution to placing your pets in kennels or asking a neighbour or family member to help.

We are happy to discuss an occasional (8 hour) sleepover in your home if that is what you require, but can only offer this service to our registered customers for up to three nights. Dogs left at home for more than a few days would normally need this, however this service is subject to availability. Please just ask and we will see what we can do.

Small pet and bird boarding in our homes; We will look after your little ones while you are away, charging per cage rather than per pet (sorry no spiders!). This will include anything they need up to 20 mins per day, if you have more complicated or lengthier care requirements, we will charge extra based on our standard hourly rates. Again you say what you want, afterall every pet is different. We can also collect your pets for you if necessary.

Tailor Made Plan

You say what you want done, within the time you need us (minimum 15 mins for visits & 30 min for walks) Multiply this by the appropriate  rate (based on what days you require) so you only pay for what your pets need.

We often combine our services; say walk the dogs for 45mins, bring them back, put down fresh water and food etc.. maybe feed the cat, change the litter tray, check on the rabbits or chickens all within one visit. This can become complicated and costly when there are several animals involved but we only charge a basic hourly rate, to do what is needed for ALL your pets within the time specified, this way we can be of most use to you.

Other Services; We can even open and shut curtains, put out or bring in your bins, lights on or off, move post or water plants, (indoor or outside) based on your instructions. Anything we have missed, just ask and we will be happy to see if we can help.


Of your property, pets and possessions:

We will endeavour to keep everything safe and secure; your keys, your home as well as your pets! We will NEVER leave your dog unattended or take any risks regarding their safety. We have our own id tags for all the dogs we walk, just incase. We will not keep your address with your keys. Nor will we sell or share ANY of your information or details with anyone outside our business. We may ask if it ok to take pictures of your pets for our website, but will not do this until we have your permission first.
We have an up-to-date Basic Disclosure Police check.

Book An Appointment

If you are interested in our services, the next thing to do is contact us and arrange a free (no obligation) appointment to meet with us in your home, so we can get a better picture of your needs and obviously meet with your pets. We would be happy to join you and your dog for a short walk as well, so you can see how we get along.

Please call Tracy or Cath on: 01458 898083 to book your appointment.

After we have met with you, we will then provide you with a written quotation outlining exactly what we will be doing, if you are happy with this we can then proceed and book your requirements into our schedule, once you have given us your signed contract and pet care plan.

We look forward to hearing from you.